AI Roadmap – 3 Week Assessment


Looking to launch an Artificial Intelligence initiative on Azure, but unsure about how to move forward?

This 3-week assessment will provide you a comprehensive blueprint for executing successful Artificial Intelligence projects on the Azure Stack which helps drive organizational change and process improvements. Lay the foundation with Digital Transformation. Navigate the shift from Historical Reporting to Prescriptive Modeling using Azure Machine Learning. Map the path to scale and enhance your most skilled experts through Artificial Intelligence applications build and powered by the Azure cloud.


If you’re ready to take get in the Artificial Intelligence game and need a comprehensive plan for how to get there, this assessment is designed for you and your team.


Week 1

  • Extract Business Objectives & KPIs

  • Deep Dive to Understand and Map Core Business Processes

  • Define Challenges

Week 2

  • Data Availability & Usability Assessment

  • Data Infrastructure Assessment

  • Data Skills Assessment

Week 3

  • Solution Ideation

  • Solution Impact Analysis & Prioritization

  • Next Steps Recommendation & Roadmap


From this assessment you’ll get:

  • Business objectives and KPIs list

  • Core business processes diagrams

  • Data Availability & Usability Assessment Report

  • Data Infrastructure Assessment Report

  • Skills Assessment Report

  • Prioritized list of Artificial Intelligence opportunities

  • Recommendations & Roadmap detailing next steps