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AI Roadmap - 5 Day Workshop


Looking to ramp up on Artificial Intelligence on the Azure platform, but not sure what to do next?

This 5-day workshop will give you the direction you need to identify prime opportunities in your organization to drive organizational change and process improvements through Artificial Intelligence powered by Azure. Learn how you can move from Digital Transformation, to Prescriptive Modeling, to full-scale Artificial Intelligence applications built using the latest tools and techniques on the Azure Stack.


Whether you’re just getting started, or are well down the path to data, this workshop is designed to help you leap forward to Artificial Intelligence success.


Day 1

  • Business Understanding
  • Core Process Mapping

Day 2

  • Focus Area Prioritization
  • Challenge Definition

Day 3

  • Data & Infrastructure Understanding

Day 4

  • Current Capabilities & Initiatives

Day 5

  • Solution Idealization
  • Solution Prioritization


  • Define areas of your organization that are best suited for Artificial Intelligence solutions
  • Map Artificial Intelligence solutions to solve your most impactful challenges
  • Prioritize Artificial Intelligence projects by ROI