Big Data Roadmap - 1 Day Briefing


Discover how Big Data powered by the Azure platform is driving organizational change and process improvements in your industry.

This one-day briefing will illustrate why you should leverage your Big Data with industry-specific case studies showing the value you can expect from Digital Transformation, Prescriptive Modeling, and Artificial Intelligence applications in the Azure Cloud environment.

If you’re looking for a way to navigate the hype of Big Data and gain a better understanding of how and why you should get started engaging in this exciting field in Azure, this brief is designed for you and your team.


  • Discussion of Big Data Applications in the Real World (1hr Presentation)

  • Big Data Readiness Gauge (2hr Questionnaire & Follow-Up Discussion)

  • Mapping Your Big Data Journey (2 Hour Briefing on StrategyWise Big Data Solution Ecosystem)


  • Gain insights into how Big Data is being applied in your industry

  • Understand what Big Data means for your organization

  • Learn how your organization can start winning with Big Data