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Economic Assessment & Migration - Azure (4 Week)


Moving to Azure doesn’t need to be painful.

Our process allows your team to quickly realize ROI and improve profitability by increasing operational throughput and scalability.

Benefits of the Azure Economics Assessment:

  • Provides in depth configuration and compute details for in scope Windows and SQL Servers
  • Categorizes all in scope servers by workload type (DR, Non-Prod, Test/Dev)
  • Categorizes all in scope servers by associated application
  • Prioritization on Workloads and Applications based on candidates for Azure migration
  • Outline of server decommissioning schedule
  • Azure cost estimate based on multiple dimensions with a focus on application/workload:
  • As-is
  • Predicted resourcing requirements
  • Architecture and service optimization
  • High-level Azure services and architecture recommendations
  • Proposal for future phases

Migration Methods

  • Upgrade legacy O/S during deployment
  • “Lift and Shift” existing applications without modifications
  • Deploy “Greenfield” applications that are born in the cloud

Connectivity Options
  • Secure VPN Tunnel
  • Dedicated low latency, private MPLS connections to Azure ExpressRoute

Why Stratum for your Azure Migration and Managed services?

  • Experts in Public, Private and Hybrid architecture
  • Specialists on Windows, Linux and open source platforms
  • Experience across 200+ Enterprise Azure and Office 365 migrations
  • Local, U.S.-based teams allow for easy communication
  • Support across all aspects of your cloud journey

Stratum is a trusted advisor and leading Azure Gold managed services provider to Enterprises, Public Sector, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms across the United States. All advisory and managed services are unbiased and vendor agnostic. For further information on services and pricing, please contact us!