Modern DevOps Rapid Implementation

BDO Digital, LLC

Improve Developer Velocity and Security with Modern DevOps Tooling

Are you looking to accelerate your development process and beat competitors to market with new initiatives? Are you worried that by moving faster your developers are leaving security for an afterthought? BDO Digital's team can help you realize increased velocity and increased security by adopting a modern DevOps platform in just four weeks.

Our team will work closely with your development, infrastructure, and product teams to understand how to best augment and improve your existing processes and workflows. We will then recommend the best path forward leveraging Microsoft technologies with Azure DevOps, GitHub, and Azure. With your buy-in our teams will work together to implement a working DevOps strategy leveraging modern tools and techniques.

Step 1 - Assess: Collaborate with stakeholders across the business to determine the current state and find areas of improvement.
Step 2 - Design & Build: Build a best-practices adherent process using modern Microsoft DevOps tools.
Step 3 - Migrate: Move source code and other development artifacts from the current toolchain to your new toolchain.
Step 4 - Educate & Advise: Ensure that all stakeholders can maintain and enhance the process going forward.

This offer will setup a GitHub (or Azure DevOps) organization for the client to streamline their software development process. 

• Source code management
• Continuous Integration/Deployment
• Software Security Scanning

The client will have a technical implementation of GitHub for source code management, deployments, and software security scanning. They will leverage this implementation to deliver software faster and with higher quality.