Azure Multi-Cloud Security: 4 week Implementation

BDO Digital, LLC

Framework for a centralized view of your environment, regardless of location

BDO Digital will deploy a framework that will centralize how you secure, monitor, and manage servers across 3 clouds. The deployment will simplify your IT Security landscape. At the end of the engagement, your organization will be empowered to manage risk with a centralized visibility of all servers to allow for proactive security measures. This deployment will not only ultimately improve business continuity by establishing consistent processes but will also attract technical talent.

Typical security roadmaps include deployments of Azure Defender​, Azure Security Center, ​Azure Arc​, and Azure Portal

  • STEP 1 - Environment Discovery: Discovery of existing environment and select up to 25 servers across all 3 clouds
  • STEP 2 - Deployment: Deploy Azure Arc, Azure Security Center for centralized management
  • STEP 3 - Onboard: Integrate technical components, establish consistent organizational structure, and automate processes