Nonprofit Rapid Data Assessment - 4 Weeks

BDO Digital, LLC

User workshops and deep dive sessions driving your data strategy to focus on driving social benefit

Many nonprofit organizations know they need to leverage data for their organizational decisions but are unsure where to start. The enablement and adoption will become automatic as your organization shows rapid results outlining art of the possible when it comes to utilizing data for marketing, monitoring your activities, streamlining funds, and more. Our practical approach uses an interview process and ultimately aligns your team on a data focused outcome.

BDO Digital will propose a solution design of Microsoft Azure Cloud components such as Databricks, Synapse, Data Lake, and Power BI, depending on your business use case.

  • Workshops Week 1: Execute user workshops to identify key use cases
  • Deep Dives Week 2: Use case deep dive to gain understanding around current data and the nonprofit environment
  • Architecture Feasibility Week 3: Design architecture feasibility and approach
  • Visualization Week 4: Storyboard mock-up of the visualization


  • Funding drivers & strategic objectives
  • 1-2 Focused use cases
  • Functional outline
  • Technical outline & architecture feasibility
  • Stakeholders & ownership
  • Storyboard mock-up
  • Deployment plan

At the end of this engagement, your organization will be enabled with the key use case that will drive your fundraising efforts, help track budgets and expenditures, and forecast revenue.