Swisscom Rethink AI: 1-Day Workshop

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

Exploration of AI possibilities and evaluation of company specific use cases.

This workshop offers a concise overview of AI principles and identifies specific use cases for your company. Start the day with a big-picture look at how Artificial Intelligence shapes competition. Learn how to stay ahead in this AI-driven world. Then, dive into the technical details and practical side of things. We will use Azure products such as Machine Learning Studio and OpenAI Studio and demonstrate architectures using several services from the Azure data landscape. See how AI can work for your business by identifing use cases for your company. Our experts will consult you on which use cases to prioritize and how to implement them. It's a day of learning, starting with the strategy and moving into practical aspects of using AI in the real world.

Agenda: Preparation (4h)

  • Scoping Call
  • Preparation Survey

Workshop (8h)

  • Foundation AI 1x1 (120min)
  • Ideation-Framework+ Cases (45min)
  • Ideation Group work (120min)
  • Prioritization Value x Effort (30min)
  • Inspiration „AI Case Study“ (30min)

Summary/ Follow-up (4h)