Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimisation: 2-Wk Assessment


Cost Optimisation Discovery Service to rapidly help organisations understand opportunities to optimise their Hybrid Cloud Environments, with optional implementation services

Our Cost Optimisation Discovery Service is an obligation free Consulting Engagement over a 2 week offer designed to help organisations optimise cost and maximise ROI across their Hybrid Cloud Environment

During this engagement SXiQ Consultants will perform an assessment of a customers Hybrid Cloud Environment to identify potential optimisation opportunities that can unlock significant working capital, by optimising existing resources or leverage more cloud native services in Azure, such as Functions, Containers, Firewalls, Scale Sets and Open Source Databases to name a few.

Key Service Description

1.  Is zero cost, obligation free for the Initial Discovery Phase

2.  Is Consultancy based, focusing on Discovery and Analysis activities

3.  Is data driven built from the metrics we collect from your environments and workshop validation activities

4.  Can cover on-premise and cloud workloads based on your hybrid cloud model

Key Requirements

1.  Read access to your virtualisation environments for data collection

2.  Attendance of up to three, 2 hour workshops with technical stakeholders


1.  Easy to digest Hybrid Cloud Optimisation Assessment Report summarising the observed tactical and strategic opportunities in your environment to unlock working capital

2.  Summary implementation plan outlining key activities to implement findings detailed in the Assessment Report

Once we complete this initial assessment we offer optional services across our 4 Phase delivery model that can help build a business case to address these opportunities, assist with the implementation of each opportunity and establishing and implementing effective FinOps and Cost Optimisation lifecycle processes