Governance &Management for Azure: 1 Day Assessment


In our “Governance and Management Assessment”, the 2nd workshop of our datacenter transformation approach, we will focus on operational best practices for your future datacenter and your IT-employees.

Thinking about your future data center and cloud IT operations you should consider the Cloud Adaption Framework for Microsoft Azure. With our variation, the Sycor Datacenter Transformation, we will bring your IT-department into cloud business along Sycor Best Practices.

Find out interesting insights into cloud IT-operations and managed services you can benefit from.

Agenda Governance and Management Assessment:

  • future cloud ops (recommendations)
  • your governance design (infrastructure, monitoring and reporting)
  • cloud operations management best practices (by sycor)
  • managed service cloud operations

Please be advised, that of course you can book this one day workshop outside the Datacenter Transformation by SYCOR and the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). But, this will be an complete theoretical approach besides the the idea of the CAF and without the neccessary customer centrizity, the sycor datacenter transformation offers to your organization by working with your ideas and workloads, which will coverd in the full three day workshop series!

For any further information and possible prerequisites, please contact us.