Ready & Adoption Concept for Azure: 1-Day Workshop


This one-day workshop will deliver the completed readiness and adoption phases for the customers “Most Valuable Product” (MVP).

Planning is done! With us, you have predicted your digital estate of your future datacenter in Microsoft Azure in our “Strategy and Planning day for Azure”. Now, with our variation of the Cloud Adoption Framework of Microsoft Azure and our third workshop of the Sycor Datacenter Transformation, you will get your schedule for your future Cloud-IT-environment delivery!
In our “Ready and Adoption Concept Day”, we will focus on the design for the delivery of your “Most Valuable Product”, we have discovered before. We will show you the landig zone ID in migration- and innovation scenarios and schedule the delivery waves. Again, we will talk about estimated costs and costs transparency regarding your cloud operations and management for your MVP and future workloads on Microsoft Azure. Our showcases will finish the design-sessions and start the delivery-phase!
Agenda Ready and Adoption Concept Day: 
* future IT-footprint (landing zone IDs) 
* recommendations for migration- and innovation scenarios 
* audit of setup against the Azure Readiness Guide 
* delivery waves and costs 

For any further information and possible prerequisites, please contact us.