Azure VMware Solution : 5-days Workshops


The Azure VMware Solution workshops offers a custom evaluation of the benefits of the solution, and more, a draft of a concrete solution.

These five days offers an interactive engagement between your teams and our experts on how to best address Azure VMware Solution. Beyond evaluating the actual values you will get from the Azure VMware Solution, the goal will be to assess the possibility of integrating the solution through the draft of a concrete solution. As part of this Workshop, our experts will examine the following aspects of your IT organization :

  • Datacenter & cloud architectures :
    • Hybridation
    • Infrastructures services
  • VMware environment :
    • Architecture review
    • Hardwares, softwares, configuration
    • Tooling (backup, monitoring…)
  • Storage :
    • Architecture review
    • Hardware (network, arrays) configuration
  • Network :
    • Architecture review
  • Security :
    • ISSP principles
  • Licensing :
    • VMware, network, storage

Based on a survey sent before our visit, our technical experts will lead :

  • Day 1 : A presentation and global discussion workshop on Azure VMware Solution
    • Your organization, its global infrastructure
    • Your expectations and constraints
  • Day 2 and 3 : Technical workshops
    • List of subjects & contacts to be defined beforehand (depending on the organization)
  • Day 4 and 5 : Development, documentation of tailored scenarios and solutions. A final restitution ends the mission.

The deliverables will include a range of solutions tailored to your context and your expectations, with an overview of the benefits and value that your organization can derive from this solution :

  • Macro points & challenges to address as a priority.
  • Define or High Level Design presentation for one or more solutions (3 maximum) adapted to your environment.