Cloud as a Value : 1-day Workshop


The Cloud as a Value workshop offers a custom evaluation of the benefits of migrating partially or totally your infrastructure to the Azure Cloud.

Moving to the Cloud offers many advantages but also many challenges that may prove to be detrimental. This is why they have to be addressed with an experienced partner.

This workshop offers an interactive engagement between your teams and our experts on how to best address your move to the Cloud. The second aspect of this workshop will be to evaluate the real values you will obtain from this move. As part of this Workshop, our experts will look into the following aspects of your IT organization :

  • Datacenter architecture
  • Identity
  • Patch management
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Cloud hybridation
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Cost optimization
Based on a survey sent before our visit, our technical experts will lead a workshop to understand your organization and the infrastructure supporting it. These workshops will also be the opportunity to discuss your expectations and your constraints due to your industry or the solutions you are providing.

The deliverables will include an array of solutions adapted to your context and expectations with a picture of what advantages and value your organization may acquire from this migration.

The Workshop Cloud as a Value : 1-day Workshop may include a demo of the Azure portal and a sample of its solutions.