'Secure Multicloud Environments' Workshop (MDC)

Synergy Advisors LLC

‘Secure Multi-Cloud Environments’ Workshop is designed to get a customized threat and vulnerability analysis of your hybrid and multicloud environment, with Microsoft Defender for Cloud + E-Visor.

The 'Secure Multi-Cloud Environments' Workshop is an engagement that helps you assess your security landscape, address your most pressing security goals and challenges, and provide an immersive experience that brings the Microsoft security vision and capabilities to life, by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud to discover threats and security vulnerabilities affecting hybrid and multi-cloud workloads.

In this workshop, we will dive into the technologies and strategies needed to create a secure multi-cloud infrastructure, enhanced by advanced technologies like Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Whether you are an IT professional, a cloud architect, or simply interested to improving your multi-cloud security posture, this workshop is aimed at providing valuable insights and recommendations.

This workshop is held online and led by our security experts, who will guide you step-by-step in the implementation of Microsoft Defender for Cloud features. This one-to-one format provides ample time for questions, use cases discussion, and personalized recommendations according to your requirements and best practices to get the most out of these security solutions, and, at the end of the workshop, you will receive a complete report of findings, recommendations, and next steps.

Benefits for your organization: • Threat and vulnerability analysis of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment. • Learn how to build a more robust cloud security system. • Prioritize and mitigate potential threats, while reducing the attack surface area. • Define next steps based on your needs.

The workshop is composed of 4 phases:

PHASE 1: Validate and enable Microsoft Defender for Cloud according to your Azure subscription status.

PHASE 2: Activate the solution and enable Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform connectors.

PHASE 3: Data collection, analysis, and correlation.

PHASE 4: Disable Microsoft Defender for Cloud components and generate the final report.

WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE AT THE END OF THE WORKSHOP? Synergy Advisors has developed a new version of its E-Visor solution to provide you with a complete report that shows you enriched analytics through correlation of data resulting from discoveries made by Microsoft Defender for Cloud during the assessment.

Through 'E-Visor for Microsoft Defender for Cloud' you will have different views to control:

  • Active and scanned subscriptions.

  • Active alerts in the Microsoft Defender for Cloud portal.

  • Active alerts categorized by high, low, and medium severity levels.

  • Affected resources and locations.

  • Secure Score to help you improve the security posture of Azure resources, hybrid workloads, and multi-cloud environments.

  • Total evaluated resources.

  • Total recommendations provided by Microsoft Defender for Cloud to enhance the security of affected resources.

  • Detailed information about the generated alerts.

  • Table of global recommendations from Microsoft Defender for Cloud for the entire tenant.

  • Insights into your compliance posture based on how you are meeting specific compliance requirements.