Strategic Business Consulting Service for Nonprofit


Creating a Technical Vision and Roadmap to Support Corporate Strategic Objectives for Nonprofit

Any successful journey needs to begin with a plan and a map to ensure you arrive at your destination on time and with the needed resources. Our approach to technology planning begins with an understanding of where the business intends to go and then focuses on the readiness of departments and staff to successfully make that journey. Technical planning occurs throughout this process, but can truly take shape once the end state, people, and process have been defined. Our recommendations span the entire enterprise and as plans and strategies evolve, our technology planning methodology
considers these changes to ensure IT is effective, efficient, and nimble.

Synoptek will partner with you to re-imagine your processes, technologies, and culture in response to changing customer needs, new technology, and internal or external pressures. Our methodology specifically ties business results to your technology investments and spend making your technology a business decision, not a technology decision.

Key activities include:

  • Complete an assessment of technology capabilities around applications and data, gaining a deep understanding of the current state enterprise architecture.
  • Identify gaps, issues and opportunities that will inform a list of IT initiatives and priorities designed to move the organization forward and improve IT maturity.
  • Envision a future state IT technology ecosystem that is designed to meet the needs of the internal organization while thinking through how technology could drive broader community outreach.
  • Develop an IT roadmap that is tightly aligned with the strategic plan that was prepared by the executive management team.
  • Build consensus across the executive management team on the IT strategy and roadmap, expected outcomes and required investment to achieve results.

Key outcomes:

  • Drive business transformational change, leveraging Azure as a strategic platform for innovation and growth
  • Achieving a more customer centric technology culture with improved business operations
  • Increased scalability, flexibility, and responsiveness to community needs and opportunities
  • Broader engagement to the community through Digital Transformation initiatives powered by Azure solutions
  • Improved KPIs leveraging technology advancements in Business Intelligence
  • Build a platform that fosters creativity and innovation, leveraging technology in ways that may not have been imagined previously