Remote Desktop 1-day workshop


A practical workshop will help to deep-dive into desktop virtualization, find out its values and specific use cases, hands-on labs allow you to become proficient in remote desktop.

Due to widespread digitalization and popularization of remote work organizations are seeking to get secured, manageable and easy-to-use workplaces. Windows Virtual Desktop workshop offers a fast, secure, and reliable way to explore how to set up and manage Remote Desktop and virtualized application environment. It allows organizations to scale up and down depending on your business and users' needs. 

Virtualization helps companies address specific business needs, provide more secure access to resources and to ensure flexibility and business continuity responding to the growing specific needs for remote specialized workload deployment.


  1. Theory part up to 60 minutes
  2. Introduction to Desktop Virtualization, Industry scenarios
  3. Deployment options for WVD, Management Plane options, Third-Party Tools, Licensing and Pricing
  4. Pre- requisites, Design and Architecture, Best Practices
    1. Hands-on-lab - up to 5 hours
    2. WVD deployment
    3. Create AAD groups and assign users
    4. Create a master image
    5. Create a profile container for FSLogix
    6. Provision host pool
    7. Connect to WVD
    8. Operationalisation of WVD
    9. Monitoring
    10. Image management
    11. Scaling
    12. Cloud Services is a professional team of technical and business experts specializing in consulting, developing and implementing innovative services in the field of cloud technologies and includes services for migration and maintenance of IT infrastructure and applications for companies in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.