Azure Cloud Economics Workshop


Hands on workshop enabling teams to make cost effective, value driven technology decisions

Why attend?

To successfully harness the benefits of Microsoft Azure, businesses need to collaborate as never before:

  • Leaders need to articulate the business value, and compile an accurate, realistic business case, fluent in the vocabulary of the Azure and Cloud
  • Finance needs to understand how to optimise the economics and levers of cost in a new paradigm
  • Application and technology owners must operate transparently and accountably

Course content

During this session, you will be exploring:

  • The value of Azure Cloud as a strategic business enabler
  • Understanding an effective Cloud business case
  • Creating a culture of cost transparency and accountability
  • Best practice cost management and cost control
  • How to identify and execute cost optimisation strategies that work for you

Who should attend?

Business, Finance and Cloud decision makers at Executive level, or anyone leading a Business or Technology team This course will help you understand your Cloud journey, and how to make cohesive, cost effective and value driven decisions

Hands on Training

To reinforce the theory, we stimulate conversation and debate, and discuss

  • How you will identify financial risk and articulate the Azure Cloud ROI promise
  • How run costs can be managed optimally through industry best practice and native tooling such as Azure Cost Management and Billing and cost optimisation operations such as reservation of VMs
  • The critical importance of culture, cost transparency and accountability

Course Duration

This is an introductory half day session, delivered virtually by a real world expert We can accommodate a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 people on this course

Day 1 (2 hours)
  • Welcome and introductions
  • What is Cloud?
  • The 3 Cloud principles you need to understand
  • Correlating cost and value
  • The case for change
  • The business drivers that motivate cloud migrations
  • The Azure Cloud business case
  • Understanding the migration bubble
  • What is total cost of ownership?
  • Strategies for cost optimisation
  • Calculating your payback period
  • Articulating the value benefits
  • Unpacking financial risk and ROI
  • The Azure Cloud value framework and how it’s realised
  • Understanding operational resilience
  • Setting key business metrics and measuring for success

Day 2 (2 hours)
  • Welcome, recap and questions
  • Organisational culture and the cloud
  • Most challenges are non technical what are they, and how do we deal with them?
  • Helping people respond to change
  • Who is responsible for cost control?
  • Measuring and monitoring the road to success