Profisee MDM and Azure Purview Implementation

Systech Solutions, Inc.

Master Data Management and Data Governance Implementation Services using Profisee MDM and Azure Purview

Systech’s Master Data Management implementation service using Profisee MDM Solutions helps our customer to create a curated, clean, and trusted master data and provide the ability for data owners to perform effective stewardship activities and handle inconsistencies arriving in data on a day-to-day basis. The services aim to set up effective governance processes, stewardship mechanism and facilitate adoption by business. The Integration between Profisee and Azure Purview will be effectively leveraged to facilitate data governance.

Scope of Engagement:

The Scope of implementation will be carried out using a Hybrid Project management approach leveraging the best of Agile & Waterfall approaches. The key activities involved are:

·       Define MDM Framework for Domains like Asset, Customer, Supplier, Accounts etc.
·       Perform JAD discovery sessions to understand data your data and classify the same.
·       Define & Enforce Data Quality rules on the domain data attributes.
·       Develop the Models for each Domain.
·       Implement Data validation routines, Matching & Survivorship processes.
·       Develop DQS Reports.
·       Enforcement of policies using Purview Integration.
·       Set up of Data Stewardship processes & Training.
·       Development & Deployment of Approval workflows.
·       Enablement of DevOps practices.