Azure Move: Planning and Design 10 Day Assessment

Systems Engineering

Assess workloads to be migrated to or built new in Azure along with your business requirements to deliver a plan optimized for performance, availability, security, and with a predictable cost profile.

Systems Engineering guides you through a series of discussion and runs an assessment of existing workloads, if applicable, to determine the optimal plan and design for your deployment in Azure. Our discussions are equal parts business and technical, to clearly definie what success for this project means. If you are a business looking to move workloads out of your data center or a software developer looking to deliver your solution via Azure, we can provide the design and execution plans and services you need to get it done right the first time.

The Azure Assessment consists of:
  • Day 1: Kickoff call
    • Capture business goals
    • Identify licensing requirement
    • Identify stakeholders and subject matter experts 
    • Identify known constraints
    • Coordinate running of the workload assessment tool
  • Day 2: Identify operational & technical parameters
    • Identify inventory of workloads, requirements, and interdependencies
    • Required availability SLA
    • Backup & Recovery objectives
    • Performance objectives
      • Expected peak loads and times
  • Day 3: Security
    • Security and Compliance requirements
    • Change Management
  • Days 4-7: Planning and design
  • Day 8: Review with customer project team
  • Day 9: Presentation of Plan and Design to larger audience
  • Day 10: Follow-up on questions

The final deliverable is the documented design. A detailed deployment plan is provided at an additional cost if not performed by Systems Engineering.