Azure Migration Planning Free 4 Hour Workshop


A FREE 4 hour workshop to discuss whether your existing compute environment could be successfully migrated to Microsoft Azure resulting in a SOW or proposal for work to deliver the engagement.

It is important to understand where Azure could benefit you around speed of delivery, flexibility, scalability, costs of service delivery and agility, as well as considerations around control, regulatory or compliance concerns and security. An assessment of your applications will help decide the cloud destination for your workloads. Not all of them will be ideal for a move to Azure, so we work with you to identify those that are most suitable for Public Cloud and also what a Hybrid Cloud model might look like for your organisation where you need to retain infrastructure on premise.

When looking at Azure, most of our customers prefer to start by migrating non-critical VMs or applications to cloud resources like Azure as an initial pilot or proof of concept. A full migration of your environment can be very complex depending on the size of your infrastructure and the components within it. We can illustrate at a high level what the overall process would look like from discovery through to migration, including timescales and costs.

We work collaboratively with your team on the day to assess how much responsibility you would wish to take on for migrating and supporting your new Azure environment and we also help with skilling up your IT team. The ultimate service model decision comes down to how much management your team is happy with. In all cases, the key advantage of Azure is that Microsoft manages all the underlying platform components such as servers, storage, networking and virtualisation so you don’t have to. Over the four hours of the workshop we perform a broad analysis about where each application or workload could be hosted and map out an order of play that would achieve the desired results.

Following the workshop you can opt to receive a proposal (or a statement of works if enough information is available) - a formal document that outlines the work necessary, timescales and the estimated costs involved of an Azure proof of concept/pilot/migration.