Machine Learning Suitability: 3-Wk Assessment


Alithya's Machine Learning Suitability Assessment identifies if machine learning is the right approach for your business problem and provides recommendations for the most beneficial next steps.

The Machine Learning Suitability Assessment provides enterprise customers with a clear understanding of their data and identifies if and how Machine Learning strategies should be applied to achieve the greatest business value.

By using a snapshot of client data, and applying data science techniques, Alithya will determine if machine learning is suitable for the client's business objectives.

The assessment includes: * Summary of Results * Ranked list of Suggested Machine Learning Strategies * Preliminary Data Analysis with Recommendations for the highest ranked strategy * Recommended Next Steps

Deliverable: By the end of this assessment, the client will receive a report which will allow them to plan and an implementation roadmap for their Machine Learning solution, enabling them to move forward with a strategy for success.