Prime Brokerage Reporting: 3-Wk Assessment


Assessment to determine the technology and architecture best suited to fulfill the needs of prime brokers.

Alithya's Prime Brokerage Reporting Assessment helps banks to determine the most appropriate architecture to fulfill their Prime Brokerage Services needs.

At Alithya, we understand that Internal Prime Brokerage clients require better access to view and assess performance in order to adjust and improve. Alithya will help to uncover actionable performance insights and recommend the best approach for Ad-hoc reporting based on the business.

Our Data Integration and Enterprise Reporting experts will provide recommendations for a solution that allows Silo Systems to appear coherent to Prime Brokerage Clients while also identifying the best technology from the existing technology stack.

Deliverable: By the end of the assessment, the client will receive a report clearly identifying the most appropriate next steps and a roadmap designed to help achieve a unified customer experience.