GO2Azure App Remediation: 10+ Wk Assessment

T-Systems Polska (DCS)

Complete end-to-end service for moving business applications to the cloud including cloud readiness, migration planning and migrating applications to the cloud.

Complete end-to-end service to enable business applications readiness for cloud. It consists of a set of activities starting with applications analysis, followed by remediation roadmap and finalized with complete migration service delivery. Dedicated PaaSify toolset will be used to work out the best approach for your business applications migration to Azure. Each application will be scored on its readiness to be moved to Azure cloud, and potential remediations will be indicated. Our cloud experts will further analyze, and fine tune gathered information to prepare detailed assessment report.

The engagement consists of three phases:

  1. APPLICATION ANALYSIS: We analyze the application using our PaaSify toolset to find out applications readiness for Azure.

  2. REMEDIATION ROADMAP: We advise on the right remediation approach based on cost-benefit and develop project plan.

  3. REMEDIATION AND MIGRATION: We carry out changes to applications, test them on premise and in the cloud, and migrate.

Deliverables include:

  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Application Infrastructure and cost analysis
  • Application dependency analysis
  • Application portability and re-architecture / re-deployment assessment
  • Cloud migration feasibility analysis
  • Remediation roadmap and migration plan
  • Application migration to the cloud

The duration and cost of the project varies depending on the size of customer’s IT environment, number of applications to be analyzed and migrated and agreed remediation and migration plan. Precise duration and cost of migration is determined during the assessment phase. Final offer is prepared on case by case basis.