Campus Edge Ideation: 1-Day Workshop

T-Systems International

T-Systems offers a 1-day Workshop to provide an overview of the existing technological possibilities of 5G campus networks and to explore use-cases that respond to the customer´s specific needs.

T-Systems integrates Edge-Computing in Public Clouds like Azure and provides Edge Computing services based on Edge-Technology like the Microsoft Azure Stack. T-Systems and Microsoft are able to deliver an integrated E2E-Campus Edge solution with high quality of critical applications and flexible edge-cloud architecture. Based best in class connectivity and Azure Edge Services build the basis for use case enabling process flexibility & automation, autonomous logistics, predictive maintenance. Together we will figure out how you can utilize the potential of digital technology on the edge by taking the view from your business perspective.

This 1-day workshop will help your team identify, explore and decide upon relevant use cases for campus edge. Skilled facilitators guide small groups through the process of idea generation and evaluation.

The Ideation package includes:
  • up to 5 Interviews with selected stakeholders
  • a 1 Day Workshop with up to 15 client participants
  • Lead facilitator
  • up to 3 facilitators for ideation teamwork
  • Photo documentation


Ideally a mix of business & technical stakeholder with good understanding of the organizations core business and capabilities.

Agenda and Content

Telephone Interviews with selected stakeholders
We will set up the workshop by conducting interviews with key stakeholders within your organization. The results of these interviews will serve as a starting point for the ideation process at the heart of the workshop.
Developing use case ideas
We explore the underlying principles & concepts of campus edge. We lead you through a process of identifying your relevant use cases


  • Common understanding of client’s as-is situation
  • Long list of potential use cases
  • Short list of most relevant use cases for PoC