Magenta Industrial Security: 8 wk implementation

T-Systems International

Integrated SOC for IT/OT systems. Protect your production and intellectual property against cyber attacks with Magenta Industrial Security.

Implementing a holistic defense strategy including your OT assets.
With the IT/OT SOC services from Magenta Industrial Security, you will protect your IT systems and the connected production facilities against todays increasing threat landscape. Security-relevant information is collected from various information sources and specialized Behavioral Analytics Detection (BAD) sensors for IT and OT infrastructures and analyzed in real time in an integrated security operations center. On top of the state-of-the-art technology our security experts assess the situation.

The Managed OT-SOC Service makes use of the following components, among others, which are installed in the customer's network:

  • OT-Sensor (Azure Defender for IoT)
  • Central Manager (Azure Defender for IoT)
  • Local SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) tenant
  • Secure Industrial Remote Access Service (RAS) Gateway
    terminating of the secure connection between the above-mentioned components and the Telekom Security Operation Center

Service Description
With this offering the Managed OT-SOC Service for Magenta Industrial Security is set up and implemented. All components will be customized to the individual needs of the customer’s OT environment. Necessary processes between the OT-SOC and the customer are designed and set up.

While this service aims to set up the Managed OT-SOC Service, several additional workshops and assessments for Magenta Industrial Security exist.
Standard consulting packages:

  • OT Security Orientation Workshop
  • OT Security Check
  • OT Vulnerability Assessment
  • OT Penetration Tests
  • OT Asset Inventory

Customer specific consulting:

  • OT Security Strategy and Roadmap
  • OT Security Risk Assessments
  • OT Security Analysis Workshop
  • OT Security Architecture
  • OT Security Awareness Workshop