WVD Discovery Workshop


A free workshop that helps your organisation to understand Azure's Windows virtual desktop service to deliver greater security, user agility, governance and help reduce costs.

The challenge of dealing with the aftermath of the global pandemic combined with the new Microsoft Azure based remote working solution Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) has led to a significant interest in remote working solutions. WVD allows organisations to adopt a new flexible and secure approach for providing End-User services to their employees.

Providing virtualised desktops and Office365 to your users can solve several significant issues including.

• User agility, use any device to provide a fully functional, full size desktop environment • Centralise security and governance challenges • Manage Windows 7 dependencies • Enhance/simplify existing virtualised desktop deployments

This FREE 2-hour workshop from TAGZ is designed for organisations that need to understand how remote working can best be implemented in their specific environment and how they will benefit in a cost and business agility perspective. The discovery workshop focuses on

• Usage cases • WVD and remote working architecture • Licensing and commercial considerations • Changing the end user compute paradigm from laptop/desktop only

The objective of the workshop is to provide organisations with the information needed to be able to make an educated decision as to whether WVD and secure remote working is right for their business.

Additionally, TAGZ offers several complementary solutions that are available to further enhance the implementation of remote working environments.