Application Portfolio: 1-Week Assessment


Tallan will help you evaluate applications in your portfolio, identify those that are cloud candidates and develop a migration plan based on your priorities and business goals.

What to Expect

  • Identify an individual application or group of applications you would like to evaluate
  • Install and run UnifyCloud analysis tool to evaluate application(s)
  • Allow the tool to run and collect application data
  • Data analysis and cloud readiness evaluation
  • Cloud ready application(s) identification
  • Development of migration plan and roadmap for cloud ready app(s)


Day 1-3

  • Discuss Application(s) that you would like to evaluate.
  • Review and discuss deployment of the third-party tool to set expectations, timeframe and kickoff schedule.
  • Set-up & run UnifyCloud tool to collect data

Day 4-5

  • Review and analyze data
  • Cloud readiness evaluation
  • Identify cloud ready application(s)
  • Develop migration plan and road map


  • Raw data from third party toolUnifyCloud tool
  • Data analysis reports and cloud readiness documentation for application(s)
  • Documentation around of recommendations and best practices
  • Migration roadmap for application(s)

Cost and time will be variable based on the amount of apps analyzed. The above is estimated based of analyzing a group of 5 apps.