Azure Governance: 1 Day Workshop


*This Workshop will help you understand best practices regarding Microsoft Azure’s built-in and custom policies that help you set guardrails for your Azure subscriptions.*
During Tallan’s Azure Governance Workshop you will learn about the tools and best practices suggested to ensure your cloud environment is compliant, controlled, and cost effective. During this workshop we will walk through: ### Azure Management Groups * Grouping subscriptions * Creating hierarchies tailored to your organization * Applying policies or access control to any service ### Azure Policies and Initiatives * Enforcing policies on your resources * Applying policies in the CI/CD pipeline * Automating remediation ### Azure Blueprints * Streamlining environment creation * Enabling compliant development * Locking foundational resources ### Azure Resource Graph * Exploring access to resource information across all environments * Querying to get deeper insights from your resources * Aggregation and parsing of properties to analyze resources ### Azure Cost Management * Tracking resource usage * Managing costs * Setting thresholds Our goal is that your team will walk away from this workshop understanding best practices for Azure Governance, the tools Azure offers to support governance, and an idea of how you ultimately want to govern your Azure environment moving forward. **Note:** Cost is estimated due to variations in length of engagement and other expenses.