Azure IoT: 3-Day Proof of Concept


Work with Tallan to educate your team on Azure IoT Hub, how to connect IoT devices to Azure IoT hub and retrieve data in Power BI.

This 3 day engagement will allow your team to work with Tallan and Microsoft to educate your team on what is possible in Azure IoT hub and build out your POC utilizing Azure’s IoT services and Power BI as a data tool.


  • Azure IoT Architecture review
  • Assess client requirements for POC scenario
  • IoT device set up
  • Azure environment set up
  • Start POC development
  • Complete POC development
  • Demo POC with client
  • Develop and create high level estimates based on POC, outline next steps for moving POC forward and continuous engagements for client IoT projects.


  • Learn how to connect IoT Devices to Azure IoT Hub
  • Develop a data flow utilizing stream analytics/SQL server
  • Develop a Power BI dash board that can present real-time data coming from IoT devices

Cost is estimated due to variations in length of engagement and other expenses.