BizTalk VM Upgrade: 2-Week Implementation


Have you considered a move to Azure? Do your current BizTalk VMs need an upgrade? Do you need more scalability for your workloads? Has your machine reached End of Support and needs maintenance?

If any of those are true, you’re probably looking for an alternative for your BizTalk VMs. Many organizations using BizTalk are saving both time and money by moving their Virtual Machines to Azure, or, setting up a hybrid environment for their BizTalk integration solution. Let Tallan help you assess the efficiency of your environment and define next steps.


Phase 1: Infrastructure Analysis

  • Data collection of BizTalk and SQL Server VM Infrastructure
  • Data Analysis of infrastructure information
  • Discussion on existing Azure Estate and competencies
  • Analysis of current performance, accessibility, and metric requirements

Phase 2: Cloud/Hybrid Architecture

  • Develop high-level cloud or hybrid architecture
  • Understand best practices for moving and deploying VM’s in Azure
  • Comparative analysis of current infrastructure and future state cloud/hybrid infrastructure

Phase 3: Migration & Support Plan

  • Creation and presentation of a migration plan
  • Plan for continuous support to explore newly available Azure Services
  • Annual health checks to ensure top performance and efficiency


  • Infrastructure inventory of current state
  • Hybrid/Cloud architecture diagram
  • Current state architecture diagram
  • Migration plan
  • Support plan/options

Cost is estimated due to variations in length of engagement and other expenses.