Code First with Tallan: 3 Wk. Proof of Concept


This concept was designed to help accelerate a technology decision for new, cloud-native projects. Together with a Microsoft tech team, Tallan will help prove out the proposed use case in Azure.

This engagement is a compressed version of the typical process (Solution Briefing, Architecture, Design Session, Proof-of-Concept), and can be scaled in duration according to the complexity of the use case. Together with a Microsoft technical team, Tallan will bring its expertise to strategize, design and build out a proposed use case in Microsoft Azure. The condensed nature of this style of engagement typically caters to organizations that need to deliver products or applications and services in a short time frame and dramatically increases the success rate of new endeavors. The end-game of this engagement is a quickly spun-up, working POC!

Each engagement is different. Depending on the goal of the Proof of Concept, this experience could be as short as one week, or as long as long as three weeks. The complexity of your Azure infrastructure and objective will determine the timeline, but, the sample below encompasses a high-level approach to what to expect from this Code-First opportunity.

Phase 1: Gathering Requirements and Briefings Introductions Business driver discussions to gather and understand requirements, priorities and user stories Deliverable review

Phase 2: Architecture, Design, and Proof of Concept Whiteboard design and architecture session Task and team assignment Begin implementation work Twice-daily stand-up meetings Integration and dry-run

Phase 3: Vetting Process and Potential Next Steps Final integration and solution demo Executive conversation(s) Knowledge share and documentation Next step discussion, if applicable

Benefits of this engagement include acceleration toward a working application, from 2+ months, to 2+ weeks! This offer nourishes a lean startup mentality to adopt modern Cloud Technologies and establishes DevOps methodologies and best practices early in the solution development life-cycle and finally, it builds a foundation for future build phases with partners already integrated with your development team(s).