Data Platform in 30 Days: 1 Mo. Implementation


Tallan's DPi30 includes a design workshop, a reference architecture design, and a landing zone to ultimately modernize your data estate using Azure Data Services!

A modern data platform will unify your data sources, and streamline and enhance your reporting and analytics initiatives! Tallan’s DPi30 (Data Platform in 30 Days) will include a design workshop to help your team identify up to 3 scenarios, create a reference architecture design, implement a landing zone and ultimately modernize your data estate using Azure Data Services (ADS). Your team will receive a hands-on consulting engagement providing architecture design recommendations for your data estate in Azure to deploy an ADS environment.

Agenda: -Identification of up to 3 scenario(s) -Analysis and Design Workshop -Landing Zone development -Training and hand-off

Deliverables: -Executive summary of engagement -Reference architecture diagram -Fully provisioned ADS Landing Zone -Source code in Azure DevOps or Git Hub Repo (if available) -Cost consumption estimates -Recommended next steps

Price and timeframe are estimates, Microsoft funding has potential to cover cost