People Analytics Data Platform:2-Wk Implementation


Retaining Top Talent with Big Data

Retaining your top talent in this competitive job market is crucial for your business goals. Understand the cost and impact to replace key members of your team and use existing data to identify strategies to retain them. It is crucial for your business goals and cost effectiveness to retain your top talent. Companies can’t afford to lose top talent in this competitive job market.

Our People Analytics offering is designed to offer quick insight into the information you likely already have access to about your employees so that you can identify trends in attrition.

Tallan will help you:

*Collect and catalog your existing data to load into the solution model *Configure the report to support filter and slicer categories that align with your business *Classify individuals into groups based on the risk of their departure relative to their value to the company *Help explore options to setup and automated data refresh schedule so your information is always current

The process starts with an initial conversation about the platform, where we can also help you quantify the return on your investment for executive stakeholders.

Cost is estimated due to variations in length of engagement and other expenses.