Windows Server Migration: 2-Week Implementation


This engagement offers you Sr. level consultants and architects from Tallan to assist and help you execute a Windows server migration to Azure.

Tallan will work with your internal teams to create a Windows server migration plan that will be developed during the assessment portion of this implementation. From here we will take that roadmap and start the migration process to Azure. Upon completion your Windows workloads and applications will be running on Azure.


  • Assess current on-prem windows server environment(s)
  • Create a “to be” architecture for shifting to Azure
  • Make a road map to get from Windows server to Azure
  • Identify risk and mitigate
  • Identify database dependencies
  • Resolve compatibility issues
  • Performance testing before and after migration


  • Documentation of new architecture and roadmap
  • Functioning Azure environment with Windows workloads running
  • Knowledge transfer to internal teams
  • Post migration documents

Cost is estimated due to variations in length of engagement and other expenses.