IoT Plug and Play Accelerator: 1 wk implementation

Tartabit, LLC.

PnPA offering provides OEMs and IoT device makers a fast path to listing devices on the Azure Certified Device catalog. Tartabit provides implementation of PnP tests and device catalog listing.

Tartabit’s PnPA offering provides Azure Certified Device certification for device makers through the execution of a battery of PnP certification tests. After the tests are successfully completed by Tartabit, a certification letter will be issued to the device maker. Once PnP certification is achieved, either Tartabit or the customer can release the listed devices to the Microsoft Azure Certified Device Catalog enabling end-users to rapidly integrate your devices to Microsoft Azure. The estimated execution time for the PnPA service is within 1 week. PnPA fee is charged per Device Type or SKU Listing.

PnPA deliverables include:

  • PNP certification testing
  • Device maker centric catalog listing by Tartabit with reseller or referral links
  • Joint press release support
  • Completion of MPA service offering
    • Tartabit access to test device
    • Physical device provided to tartabit desired
    • Technical and protocol documentation
  • Technical support contact
  • Marketing contact

Enable your devices to be easily onboarded to Microsoft Azure for rapid integration with a wide range of Microsoft Azure systems.