Migrace - Accelerated and Standardized Data Migration Service on Azure : 8 weeks implementation

TCS - Data & AI

Migrace is a Portfolio of solutions to which leverages TCS acclerators & frameworks on ADF, ADLS, Azure Synapse, Power platform. Overall coverage include OLTP, Files, HDFS, ERP, Appliances and Archive

TCS Accelerated Appliance Migration Service to Azure Synapse, © Copyright [2021], Tata Consultancy Services Limited. All Rights Reserved, provides you a simple and easy solution to ingest your business data into Azure by using Machine First Approach.

Overall Engagement consists of Consulting, Assessment and Implementation services.

It offers a Framework driven migration- Data Discovery, Data Modelling, Schema & code conversion AI driven Data quality checks, Integration with AI Ops, Dev Ops and Fin Ops for deployment, monitoring and Azure Resource Optimizations

TCS’ Migrace is a Portfolio of solutions to accelerate and standardize data migration to Modernized Data platform on Azure. It is combination of tools, solution and framework focusing on different data aspects like Data Ingestion & Validation, Appliance, Hadoop, Database Migrations, Archival and ERP Data. 

Key offerings are

  1. DATA TERN - A framework & accelerators to migrate OLTP sources like Oracle, SQL server, Postgres, MongoDB , DB2 using Azure supported tools to azure cloud databases like azure SQL, Azure PostgreSQL and Azure Cosmos DB
  2. RAPIDIN - Self Service Accelerated Data Ingestion, AI driven Data Quality and Data Validation tool which is used to ingest data from various sources like Cloud, File folders, FTP/SFTP and File Server, Database and HDFS into Azure Data Lake and Operational Data Store
  3. Migratex - Framework consisting of various tools to accelerate and simplify migration of data from appliances like Netezza, Exadata and Teradata to Azure Synapse and Snowflake
  4. GIANTIO - Framework and accelerators to migrate HDFS and Application from Hadoop ecosystem to Azure environment 
  5. MOVESY - A framework to ingest ERP data like SAP and Oracle EBS into azure cloud, integrate with other data and gain meaningful business insights. 
  6. DARC - Solution to Archive on-Premise Data to Azure cloud storage. 

Framework has 3 phases

  1. Discover
  2. Migration process
  3. Validate & Run

Business Benefits:  Reduce Timelines through automation - days instead of weeks  Reduce Risk by using proven tools & methodologies  Reduce TCO by leveraging Microsoft Azure PaaS services

Features:  DB like Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, SQL migrations on Azure and Auto-integrations with Synapse  TCO calculators, Estimation templates, scripts, checklists, Reference Architectures, Design patterns, ADF based automations  Data Platform Modernization from on-prem big data solution to Azure – realize cost savings through PaaS services  Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data quality and Lineage, and mature data strategy