TCS PLM on Cloud


This offering helps customers maximize value from their cloud PLM strategy, whether it involves migration of their on-premise PLM instance to the cloud or implementation of a greenfield PLM Instance.

TCS PLM On Cloud services is a comprehensive set of capabilities to advise, implement and sustain your transformation journey to establish a PLM instance on Microsoft Azure cloud. These proven services have been tuned and enriched through customer experiences across multiple PLM platforms like Teamcenter, 3DEXPERIENCE , Windchill, and Aras Innovator.

Cloud Advisory: Complex PLM setup on the cloud or its migration to cloud requires a detailed business case to facilitate senior leadership buy-in and to establish better alignment amongst stakeholders. TCS’ Digital Thread advisory team helps business and IT stakeholders to deliver the guiding business case as aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization.

Cloud Migration: Our time-boxed methodology provides clear tasks and is augmented with a set of assessment frameworks, reference architectures and accelerator toolkits that brings predictability to the Lift-and-Shift activities for a typical medium complexity PLM instance.

Cloud assessment framework: Our comprehensive assessment framework helps to arrive at the right-size cloud platform parameters upfront. It is built to capture the application inventory and customer objectives, perform technical analysis of requirements, and provide a cloud migration plan. The framework considers various levers to control cost and optimize savings well before the target state architecture is finalized. Key aspects such as performance management, integrations, and security management are considered as critical dimensions before a final choice is made. Reference architecture: The reference architecture for Azure cloud acts as a ready reckoner to analyze gaps and consider fault tolerance / disaster recovery aspects while preparing the target architecture for implementing PLM on Microsoft Azure cloud.

Infrastructure automation: An intelligent set of automation scripts, provides the power to enable, test, and erase environments, aligning to test conditions before arriving at an optimal configuration mix. This helps to accelerate the provisioning of environments, binding and managing the security context as required for the target end state.

Test automation: To accelerate customer specific cloud migration test scenarios, UFT driven automated smoke test and functional test scripts for key PLM use cases are available as templates for reference.

Azure Services: In addition to the core infrastructure services such as VM, Storage, VNET, Microsoft SQL Database, Active Directory, and ALB, services such as Monitor, Backup, Site Recovery, Log, Defender, etc. can be leveraged for full stack infrastructure operations. Site Recovery, Blob Storage, DB Mirroring facilitate the HA and DR site implementations with optimal RTO and RPO SLAs. Data and content migration to cloud can be accelerated with offline transfer using Databox / Databox Disk. O Online transfer can be enabled using Express Route from Data center to Cloud, StackEdge, Data Factory etc. Cloud monitoring for cost budget and cost alerts can be added to maintain costs within the desired range and optimize savings on the go.

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