DevOps Adoption Strategy leveraging Azure DevOps & GitHub: 8-Week Implementation

TCS - Azure

Delivering exponential value with our DevOps Adoption Strategy that leverages Azure DevOps & GitHub

Enterprises are looking to leverage modern DevOps practices for accelerated development, deployment, and management of quality software applications on a public cloud such as Microsoft Azure.

However, the challenges that present themselves to such enterprises include incorrectly defined DevOps processes that are partially automated, lack of organizational consensus, and inefficient operating models. These result in poor productivity, a high rate of human error, and consequently, long deployment cycles and non-performing software. Enterprises need agile and automated DevOps capabilities to accelerate digital transformation and maximize business value and customer satisfaction.

TCS’ advisory services for DevOps adoption for applications on Azure leveraging Azure DevOps and GitHub DevOps tooling, enables customers establish a pragmatic DevOps adoption strategy, which would result in faster releases, reduced time to market, improved software quality and substantial improvement in developer productivity.

BENEFITS of TCS defined DevOps adoption strategy

  • Create value with business and IT alignment: Enhance stakeholder collaboration by devising a fit-for-purpose operating model for delivering DevOps services.
  • Achieve faster go to market: A sound DevOps strategy proposes accelerated application development by using reusable templates, solution skeletons, and libraries on Azure; provides a single-view platform to develop, deploy and monitor code for faster process management; and ensures compliance through security best practices.
  • Develop robust DevOps solution and practices: Leverages TCS’ deep experience and expertise in adopting Azure DevOps and GitHub to enable a modern, forward-looking DevOps solution for applications.


During the 8-week assessment, TCS will perform an assessment on the current DevOps tooling, DevOps Objectives, Operating Model and Application Types. Post assessment, TCS will recommend a DevOps Adoption Strategy leveraging the Azure DevOps and GitHub Toolkit. Following deliverables will be offered at the conclusion of this engagement:

  • DevOps Tooling Strategy
  • Engineering Teams Operating Model
  • Value Driven DevOps Adoption Approach for Enterprise Applications