TCS DAIS for Generative AI Enterprise Adoption : 6 weeks

TCS - Azure

Discover, Assess, Ideate and Strategize Generative AI Roadmap for Enterprises

TCS DAIS for Generative AI Enterprise Adoption Generative AI has triggered unprecedented, ground-breaking opportunities, radically transforming the way businesses work and enterprises operate. The implications of Generative AI cut across industry verticals as well as technology horizontals like Knowledge Management, Contact Center, IT Service Desk, Software Automation, Marketing and Regulatory and Compliance Reporting. Business Processes and Enterprise Integrations can significantly benefit from augmented intelligence and efficiencies when infused with Generative AI. We believe that Generative AI can be naturally and seamlessly infused into every facet of how we think, build and operate and helps re-invent ourselves continually. This mantra, which we refer to as DAIS, is an AI-infused stage or platform for reimagination. TCS is excited to present its DAIS for Generative AI Enterprise Adoption Offering centered around Discovery, Assessment, Ideation and Strategy in context of Generative AI for Enterprises. TCS helps our customers co-pilot and steer their Generative AI-driven business reimagination journeys on Azure OpenAI with:

  1. Contextualized PoV, evangelization and art of possible demos of Azure OpenAI PoCs (1-2 hours)
  2. Discovery and co-ideation of high-level use cases based on business and technology context (1-2 days)
  3. Quick-win PoC based on identified use case with targeted business benefit (4-6 weeks)
  4. Pilot of use case for a department or group or division depending on success of PoC (12-16 weeks)
  5. Formulation of enterprise strategy, architecture, roadmap and blueprint to onboard and adopt OpenAI at scale TCS incorporates enterprise best practices and our deep contextual understanding and experience across our client base around Responsible AI, data and model privacy, security, prompt engineering, scale and performance. With our proven track record on Azure Applied AI and custom AI/ML driven solutions, we are helping to radically transform our clients’ business models and operations.