TCS Generative AI Enterprise Playground Development Service on Azure

TCS - Azure

One Stop Ideation, Exploration and Adoption Enabler for Generative AI Use Cases leveraging Azure OpenAI


As enterprises gear up to adopt and infuse Generative AI into their business and IT operations, there is need for a secure and governed, yet democratized and customizable playground where employees, business units and corporate functions across the enterprise can explore, experiment, evangelize and ideate use cases that can then be qualified for pilot or productionization based on anticipated ROI. TCS has a compelling offering for implementing Generative AI Enterprise Playground on Microsoft Azure that can accelerate Generative AI adoption for customers in alignment with their business transformation goals. The offering leverages best of breed Azure ecosystem of services and capabilities to deliver business value.

Highlights of Service Offering

Implement a secure and governed Enterprise Generative AI Playground on Azure that can be flexibly adapted to business demand Chat on enterprise documents supported by online upload and near real time processing of documents with citations to referenced content Chat on Global knowledge resident in pre-trained models securely Enable exploration of popular patterns of Generative AI use cases based on customizable role and skill-based prompt templates Deliver a personalized user experience, multi-lingual and voice channels aligned with enterprise branding standards Secure the playground with comprehensive guardrails to enforce Responsible AI usage Enable customizable data engineering, search architecture and RAG patterns tailored to enterprise use cases Provide comprehensive monitoring and analysis on usage, feedback and costs Support Pilot/MVP rollouts and enhancements aligned with customer vision and roadmap

TCS Enterprise Playground on Microsoft Azure - Development Service is a One Stop Ideation, Exploration and Adoption Enabler for Generative AI Use Cases that is secured and powered by Azure OpenAI.