TCS Personalization Framework leveraging Azure: 8 weeks Assessment

TCS - Azure

Define a Personalization strategy that will leverage the power of Azure Data and AI/ML services and provide a roadmap to transform customer experience.

Personalization presents a new paradigm in the ways that organizations can improve customer experience across all touchpoints and channels. Azure cloud offers services like Azure Personalize, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure ML that can help acclerate the Personalization journey. An organization’s ability to be successful largely depends on their ability to know their end customers better by gathering relevant data and combining it with Azure AI and machine learning innovations to revolutionize customer experience using sophisticated personalization engines. Personalization uses knowledge of individual customers to provide them with personalized recommendations at a moment that matters, based on their position in the purchase funnel. It adds value to customer experience and helps builds a bond between a customer and the brand. TCS Personalization Framework for Azure cloud extensively leverages various services like Azure Data Lake, Azure ML, Azure Cognitive Services Azure Synapse. TCS Personalization Framework available on Microsoft Azure Cloud will help organizations assess their maturity in the personalization space and help them define a strategy as well as a roadmap. It brings in a comprehensive approach towards defining a holistic strategy for personalization. The framework will help key organizational stakeholders define a blueprint on critical aspects that will drive hyper personalization, such as -

Defining the business case for hyper personalization

  • Defining the vision
  • Identification of gaps in current solution
  • Capex and OpEx investments
  • Benefits and return on investment

Defining key customer journeys

  • Moments in the customer journey that should be hyper personalized
  • Customer segments that should be targeted using hyper personalization
  • Personalization strategies to be used across various customer segments Our rich experience in the Azure and Personalization space has helped us build a library of assets and accelerators that can help customers accelerate and realize their personalization journey.