TCS Responsible AI Development Service on Azure OpenAI

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TCS through this development service, aims to help enterprises in implementing Responsible AI controls in Azure Open AI based solutions in an efficient and safe manner.

With the advent of Gen AI, implementation of AI based solutions has rapidly increased to make humans more productive and deliver more business value. However, there is uncertainty on the behavior of Gen AI based solutions when deployed on Production, which may lead to ethical, social, security, and compliance issues. Inducing Responsible AI controls in the development of Gen AI based solutions will help to overcome these challenges.

TCS has decades of experience in the research and development of AI and Gen AI based technologies and solutions. Through this development service, we help enterprises to implement Responsible AI controls in Azure Open AI based solutions in an efficient and safe manner. Our Responsible AI approach enables to identify and implement comprehensive controls required to safely run Azure Open AI based solutions. The approach includes the core tenets of responsible AI: Security & Reliability, Accountability, Fairness & Ethical, Transparency & Explainability, and Identity & Privacy.

We have a robust implementation plan to deliver responsible AI, from conceptualization to operations. Discovery: The engagement starts with the discovery of enterprise readiness for Responsible AI delivery, understanding the use cases and Gen AI models used, identification of relevant Responsible AI requirements, and determination of the threats and risks involved. Key stakeholders from Business, IT, Security, Governance, and Legal will be involved to ensure all the respective concerns are taken into consideration.

Design: The responsible AI controls required for the environment are identified in this phase along with the framework, tools, and techniques to support the implementation. The metrics relevant to measure the performance of Gen AI models will be defined. Red teaming and testing approach will be planned.

Development: A quick pilot will be implemented to foolproof the Responsible AI design followed by development of Responsible AI controls. Test plans are executed to ensure Gen AI models aligned with business objectives and Responsible AI principles.

Deployment: The engagement ends with successful deployment to production, postproduction support, and handover to operations team. A roadmap will be provided for future enhancements.

Benefits: • Responsible AI Implementation aligned with industry standards and guidelines. • Flexible and tailored approach to incorporate applicable organization specific compliance needs. • Quicker rollout of Gen AI capabilities with adequate guardrails • Adoption of safer and trustworthy AI aligned with human values.

TCS Differentiation: • TCS Responsible AI guidelines • Thought leadership from dedicated Research in AI • Regulatory Compliance maps • Deep Contextual Industry expertise

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