TCS Azure VMware Solution 4-6 Weeks Assessment

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Move on-premise environment to Azure VMware private cloud with TCS’ 4-6 weeks' assessment.

TCS AVS assessment, we’ll help you plan your cloud adoption which is an input to implement and migrate the workload. Organizations are adopting AVS to modernize their applications, enhance the on-premise infrastructure or to use the AVS as DR solution. Based on these requirements, we’ll conduct a careful Factory based assessment of your environment (Environment Assumptions is 50 Application with 600 Servers). We will conduct a workshop during which we collect the information via automation and process it to provide you with visibility on target sizing and the cost factor to build AVS for workload migration. To understand the application architecture, we will collect the application information from your stakeholders. This information is then utilized to generate an assessment report and decide the migration path and move group that’s right for you. During the assessment we collect additional workload information to help us identify the right migration path with the help of your organization’s stakeholders. We then process this information which is to be used for design and deploy the Azure VMware Solution. As an output of assessment, we assess the application and create a move group, create assessment report which provides the suitability of the workload to the AVS. We do the analysis on compute to provide the correct sizing and approximate cost to deploy AVS infrastructure. Below are the expected outcomes of 4 to 6 weeks’ assessment of on-premises workload. • Analyze the application and create Move Group to migrate workload • As-is inventory • AVS Sizing and cost to deploy AVS infrastructure • Performance of Apps & Compute