Azure Migration: 3-week Assessment


Detailed Cloud suitability assessment of applications, including suggested Azure services, TCO & ROI calculations and migration planning.

A 3 week assessment activity using an established framework and toolkit to conduct detailed analysis of up to 20 business applications along with associated infrastructure. The outcome report covers Cloud suitability, deployment model, cost benefit analysis and migration plan.


  • Week 1- Planning and Pre-assessment
    1. Understand Organization specific Migration Goals, Priorities, and Preferences
    2. Shortlisting and prioritizing applications for assessment
    3. Gather the details needed for assessment
  • Week 2- Assessment
    1. Assess application using toolkit and determine target state
    2. Suggest application target state based on multiple parameters
    3. Calculate ROI (optional)
  • Week 3- Finalization
    1. Prepare application technical fitment report
    2. Prepare and present finalized Cloud Migration Roadmap

Key Deliverable

  • Assessment Report for each (short listed) applications covering:
    1. Target deployment model (IaaS/PaaS)
    2. Migration path (Re-host, Refactor, Re-platform, Replace, Retire, Transform)
    3. ROI Analysis
  • Finalized Cloud Migration Roadmap

Please note that the price associated with the offering is estimated for around 20 applications and includes 1 person's travel. Price might vary based on actual number of application to be assessed and more than 1 travel (if demanded by customer).