Azure Migration Readiness Assessment: 3-Week Implementation

Team Venti

This Azure Migration Readiness Assessment provides a clear roadmap for a successful migration to Azure, identifying risks, opportunities, and dependencies critical to a successful migration.

Effective planning is key for successful outcomes and enables customers/clients to avoid surprises, technical blind spots, and unexpected costs. Ensure the success and minimize the risks of your cloud migration project with the insights and recommendations delivered through our Cloud Migration Readiness QuickStart. Through comprehensive discovery activities, data analysis, and strategic planning, we provide actionable insights and a clear roadmap for a successful cloud migration.

Features and benefits of this engagement:

  • Fixed pricing: Know your upfront costs and avoid surprises
  • Project predictability: Stay on track and anticipate outcomes reliably
  • Minimal downtime:Sustain business continuity by minimizing operational interruption
  • Expert support:Get expert guidance from Microsoft professionals by following best practices
  • Scalability and flexibility:Adapt your project easily to meet changing demands

Deliverables for this engagement include:

1. Determine migration strategy

  • Assess your current IT setup and licenses
  • Identify your requirements and goals
  • Identify optimization opportunities
  • Arrange access to available data

2. Discovery

  • Assess workloads, licensing, and gather data on processes, procedures, and usage

3. Assessment

  • Review and validate all collected data – workload, capacity, and utilization
  • Detailed inventory of suggested workloads in Azure or Office 365
  • Provide a detailed inventory of your environment
  • Map to an optimized environment based on your goals

4. Reporting

  • Executive Summary including TCO study
  • Cost analysis of Current Environment incl., optimized cloud sizing profiles
  • Presentation of Findings & Recommendations Report

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