Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-week Implementation

Team Venti

Team Venti’s Azure Virtual Desktop QuickStart offers a quick and simple way to deploy a AVD environment with cost, deliverables, and schedule predictability.

By leveraging Microsoft best practices and over 10 years of experience, Team Venti will collaborate with your organization to understand your business objectives, requirements, desired outcome, and deliver a Windows desktop experience, on any device, with built in intelligent security that will enable the organization to scale based on the needs of the business. By implementing Azure Virtual Desktop, your organization can reduce licensing and infrastructure costs while mitigating management overhead by moving all your virtual desktop instances into a managed service, in the cloud. Team Venti will work alongside your team to develop, test, deploy, and validate your AVD environment with schedule predictability and a set of guaranteed deliverables.

Our Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStart includes:

  • Set up of WVD Service
  • Create Microsoft Azure Tenant
  • Creation of Host pool
  • Create Application pool
  • Publish up to five applications
  • Assign permissions for up to 10 users
  • Set up service alerts for Service issues and Health Advisory
  • Testing and Validation
  • Ensure the environment is validated according to Microsoft best practices and recommendations
  • Implementation Report
  • Enable your team to expand the WVD environment via technical documentation

Key benefits:

  • Deploy a scalable and flexible environment
  • You can deploy and manage virtual desktops
  • Assign and connect users to your virtual desktops

For more information, visit Team Venti's website.