Azure-Powered Process Automation: 2-Wk Workshop

Tech Fabric LLC

Revolutionize Your Business Operations: A Two-Week Azure-Powered Automation Workshop

Value Proposition: "Embark on a transformative two-week journey with Azure-powered automation. Eliminate manual bottlenecks, streamline processes, and set the stage for exponential growth with TechFabric's structured program."

Two-Week Transformational Journey Breakdown:

Week 1 - Foundations of Automation:

Kickstart the Transformation (Day 1): • Overview of the program's objectives. • Setting expectations and goals for the two-week journey. Strategic Discovery (Days 2-3): • Deep dive into manual processes ripe for automation. • Aligning automation strategies with your business vision. Tech Stack Assessment (Day 4): • Comprehensive evaluation of your existing technology. • Identifying areas for enhancement and integration. Azure Automation Blueprint (Day 5): • Introduction to Azure's automation capabilities. • Demonstrating how Azure can be the linchpin of your automation strategy. Operational Setup (Days 6-7): • Setting up production environments for development. • Laying the groundwork for the upcoming week. Real-time Collaboration (Throughout Week 1): • Daily check-ins via Microsoft Teams, email, and phone. • Ensuring alignment and addressing any queries.

Week 2 - Automation in Action:

Proof of Concept Showcase (Day 8): • Live presentation of the developed automation solution as a Proof of Concept. • Visualizing the transformative potential of automation. Budgetary Alignment (Days 9-10): • Reviewing and validating the budget. • Ensuring financial transparency and alignment with objectives. Seamless Deployment (Days 11-14): • Transitioning the developed solution to a live operational environment. • Ensuring smooth integration with existing processes.

Key Deliverables:

Dedicated Development: • Up to 50 hours of specialized development, ensuring a tailored solution.

Transparent Documentation: • Comprehensive documentation detailing the developed solution and its functionalities.

Future-Ready Roadmap: • A strategic plan outlining next steps and future automation opportunities.