10-Day Digital Transformation E-Commerce Workshop

Tech Fabric LLC

Manual process' slowing down operations? Make digital transformation a tangible reality with a workshop specifically focused upon e-commerce innovation and automation powered by Microsoft Azure.

Every second the world becomes more digital. Customers demand thoughtful digital ecosystems to stay engaged and loyal to your brand. Whether you're an Auto Dealership providing an omnichannel experience for car buyers or a retail E-Commerce giant selling products online, the exponential growth of technology creates both demand and opportunity for an integrated API driven approach to E-Commerce. With our 10-Day Digital Transformation E-Commerce Workshop, learn how digital transformation with Azure can help you break down technical barriers and pain-points to achieve customer delight and understand cloud strategy with forward-thinking perspectives. Click the CONTACT ME button to learn more.

In 10 days, innovate and transform your platform and E-Commerce strategy with a dedicated TechFabric team of experts to accomplish the following:

Week 1:

  • Project kickoff and sprint wrap: 2 half-day sessions with Technical Architect, Sr. Developer, UX Designer, Product Manager)
  • Discuss, define, and map some current pain-points
  • User Groups and Personas
  • Define business goals and any corporate or operational mandatories
  • User journey including sales channels

Map out critical ecosystem components: Platform, warehouse management, fulfillment, ERP, POS, CRM, reverse logistics Risk assessment including security and ADA compliance (WCAG 2.1 Level AA)

Week 2, Deliverables:

  • Sprint kickoff and wrap: 2 half-day sessions with Technical Architect, Sr. Developer, UX Designer, Product Manager
  • Architecture design illustrating how potential new components interact in the ecosystem with a brief overview of each component.
  • Technical synopsis outlining updates to the technology stack, integrations, a light roadmap for implementing or augmenting cloud-native applications.
  • Production schedule with high-level milestones and budget (provided within 5 business days of workshop conclusion).

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