conversational AI 5 weaks implementaion_MEA

Tech Mahindra Limited

Conversational AI Implementation (Estimated at 5 weeks) incorporates Conversational AI on Azure Cognitive Services to enable companies to use self-service without IT contact.

COVID-19’s unprecedented global spread has placed immense pressure on organizations for customer self-service on an Unprecedented Scale.

Tech Mahindra's Consulting Services using Conversational AI capabilities on Azure Cognitive Services to centralize customer communications. Services can be deployed anywhere and allow a fast and socially distant solution to your customer service requests. Consulting Services from the Tech Mahindra Conversational AI Team, allows your customers to self-service faster, without IT contact, so agents will be assisted as they work in real time.

Tech Mahindra's Consulting Services team uses Conversational AI capabilities to reduce operating expenditures by up to 40% in call center volume, increase self-service effectiveness by 90% and empower agents by reducing training time by 20%, lifting conversations by 25% for a top line impact. Time-to-Resolution is reduced for your agents by resolving an issue in a single channel, increasing customer satisfaction, all while unlocking insights from complex business content making each agent an expert! Services are based on clients individual needs and each unique situation.

This solution includes assessment of client needs & planning specifics with timelines for each deliverable (1 day), complete implementation of clients requested deliverables (4 weeks est.), and testing (1 week est.) to ensure that the implementation is running per the clients needs.