Digital Roadmap for Manufacturing 10-Wk Assessment

Tech Mahindra Limited

Tech Mahindra’s digital maturity assessment framework is a jumpstart kit for the industrial manufacturing organizations looking to determine the next steps in their journey of digitalization to Azure.

Digital Roadmap Assessment for Manufacturing Companies is a 10-week jump start kit for Manufacturing Executives to determine next steps in their journey of digitalization supported by Microsoft Azure. There has been a a top-level push towards digitalization in most factories across the world. However, several constraints limit their abilities to fully embrace digital technologies. Secondly, given the lack of preparedness of infrastructure and the workforce, any rapid injection of technology threatens to disrupt the business as usual. Thus, the Executives in manufacturing organizations have a dual challenge of maintaining continuity of operations plus driving rapid digitalization.

The digital maturity assessment is a management tool that helps manufacturing organizations identify and overcome their limitations wrt the digital journey. It is undertaken by Tech Mahindra at a clients’ manufacturing facility. An expert team from Tech Mahindra performs a deep analysis of the factory operation and identifies different levers of KPI improvement. Within 10 weeks, the organization benefits from a detail view of how different Microsoft technologies such as AI, Azure IoT hub, APIs and ARVR tools can facilitate linking the entire organization on a single digital thread.

Key takeaway for the client: • Industries 4.0 readiness assessment of the factory and technology gaps identification • Concept note for a modern AI ready data flow architecture of the organization. (Exhibit) • Advice on Azure professional services for enterprise wide cloud adoption • Action plan to deploy scalable IoT applications using the Azure IoT portfolio of services. • Guidance on how to build new apps faster through Azure IoT Central. • Guidance on customization of existing solution with learning resources such as IoT developer guide